The iOS beta suggests that Apple will block certain applications on Mac M1

Apple Silicon

Apple has just released a second version of its iOS beta (14.4) which should be released to the general public in the coming weeks. If the update is not very important, some experts of the Apple brand have delved into the code of the latter to find hidden features. Among their finds, one of them particularly attracts their curiosity.

Apple would indeed plan to block iOS applications on the new Mac M1, if the latter are not already available on the Mac App Store, and therefore supported by Apple Silicon.

End clap for iOS apps on Mac

An application that was not developed for these new generation computers could not be supported by them. So far, nothing very surprising, but the practice was nevertheless common for many new owners of Mac M1 who had a fairly small catalog of compatible applications.

Each app can have different reasons, but it’s usually quite expensive and difficult to develop a mobile app for computers (much more complex than the iOS – iPadOS change). It is mainly because of this that many applications are only available for the computer versions, and therefore exclusive to the Mac App Store, or conversely present only on the iPhone.

Nothing confirmed by Apple

Apple has yet to confirm this change for developers. If we can expect further announcements in this direction from Apple in the coming days or weeks, the change should take place. It is rare that a feature discovered in the code of a beta version does not work in the months that follow. If for now it is still possible to run iOS applications on a Mac equipped with the M1 chip, this may soon not be the case.

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