The iPad 9 in 2021 with a new design?

iPad 8

The iPad is a flagship of Apple’s lineup. The apple brand has, over the years, developed several models of its tablet, ranging from very high-end (iPad Pro) to the original iPad, through the iPad Air, the light version of the range, which has since grown heavier than the latest iPad Pros, but the name stuck.

For the so-called “classic” iPad, neither Pro nor Air, the design was getting a little old. If the performance of the tablet was quite honest given its position on the market, the iPad needed a little facelift to restore its appeal to a clientele that is increasingly turning to the iPad Pro, abandoning other Apple tablet models.

Thus a report from Macotakara confirms the idea that Apple is working on a redesign of its iPad. If some people thought for a while that the model was going to be forgotten, gradually abandoned by the apple brand. But on the side of Cupertino, it seems to be quite different. In this report, it is claimed that Apple is preparing a 9th generation iPad, reusing, almost identically, the aesthetic characteristics of the iPad Air 3.

iPad Air 3 © Apple

A “light” overhaul in 2021?

If the redesign does not have the ambition to be drastic, Apple wanting its iPad to remain an economic model, it should nevertheless be accompanied by some improvements. First of all, the Touch ID button will probably be kept – the implementation of Face ID is not possible with this price range – the latter should be less imposing than before. But the big change announced in this report is the arrival of the Apple Pencil. Apple’s connected stylus could indeed have its own support on the 9th generation iPad, a first for this model.

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Regarding the release dates, the report remained very vague on this subject, and little information circulated on the Net. It seems very likely to see Apple launch a new iPad Pro with mini-LED technology, during the first half, see quarter, of this new year 2021, but it is impossible to say if this release will bring with it an update of the ‘iPad or whether you will have to wait.

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