The iPad mini 2021 would offer an edge-to-edge design and Touch ID in the screen

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The iPad mini is the only one, with the iPad to still offer this aging design with very wide screen edges. But it would only be a matter of months before a new version of the smaller Apple tablet would take over and finally introduce a new case.

Indeed, according to informant David Kowalski, better known on Twitter under his pseudo xleaks7, this is what the 2021 iPad mini should look like:

xleaks 7 x CoverPigtou

In addition, as the Italian site Pigtou, the iPad mini should keep the same dimensions as the old model from 2019. Apple would simply increase the screen size and decrease the width of the edges. The slab of this new iPad mini 6 could then measure between 9.1 and 9.2 inches diagonally, when the iPad mini currently on the shelf displays a screen diagonal of 7.7 inches.

We note that we would be dealing with an iPad mini similar to the iPad Pro in terms of design, with some peculiarities. First of all, the edges should not be flat, like on the Pro models, but remain rounded. In addition, the Touch ID could remain present, not integrated in the Power button as on the last iPad Air, but in the screen. No Face ID to be expected unlike the latest iPad Pro.

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All of this information should be taken with care, however. It would seem surprising to us that Apple made the choice to integrate the fingerprint sensor into the screen, while the Californian firm managed to implement the technology in the Power button on iPad Air last year. The design change information is also questionable, with a case after all very different from the latest iPad Air and iPad Pro.

On the other hand, this new style could precisely differentiate the tablet mini and the new generation iPad from other models, knowing that the current iPad 8, released last year, also displays a design with wide edges and could so embrace a new case this year.

The iPad mini 2021 would offer an edge-to-edge design and Touch ID in the screen

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