The iPad will no longer be able to act as a hub for HomeKit

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If you use HomeKit with connected objects at home, you probably know that it is essential to be able to rely on what Apple calls the hub to be able to control the system on the go. In short, it is a hub that can take the form of an Apple TV, an iPad or a HomePod or HomePod mini speaker and links all your smart devices via Wi-Fi from your home.

With the update to iPadOS 16 however, tablets will no longer be part of this list. The developer does not specify why, but we imagine that the portable nature of these products makes them potentially inoperative with HomeKit if you take them with you and they become disconnected from your home network.

Several options

Apple does not specify what will happen to iPads already used as hubs with the application House. However, it is likely that a new version of the platform arriving around September will put an end to this capacity. It is indeed around this date that Apple’s next consumer operating systems will be deployed after being presented at the Worldwide Developer Conference (our summary).

Until then, you can always try to protect yourself against a possible incident by investing in a AppleTV. They are currently two in number in the Apple Store: on the one hand the 4K model (from 199 euros) and on the other hand the HD box (from 159 euros).

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On the speaker side, the HomePod is no longer on the shelves except at third-party retailers. Its small format, the HomePod mini, is however available in five different colors from Apple and for 99 euros. And discounts are regularly offered in third-party stores (see all our good tips).


Good to know: the impossibility of using the iPad as a hub does not change the controls of the Home app, which remains accessible on the App Store. You can therefore always trigger your air conditioner or close the blinds of your windows remotely from the touch screen of the tablet.

To learn more about the new HomeKit features announced during the WWDCdo not hesitate to consult our dedicated summary of the opening conference.

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