The iPhone 13 is still in great demand despite the delays

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 was released 13 weeks ago now. If the iPhone 12 had been a popular success from the early days, things seem to be less easy this year for Apple. The apple brand would still be overwhelmed by demand, as confirmed by Sam Chatterjee, analyst for the American bank JP Morgan. In his latest report, he assures us that demand for the latest iPhone is still “healthy”, even three months after sales began.

He explains that the deadlines are lengthening for the four models, a situation made even more tense this year because of the shortage of components, which also affects Apple. During the twelfth week he estimates that it takes 5 days to receive his iPhone 13 or 13 mini, while the Pro and Pro Max models take much longer to reach their owners, sixteen days on average. .

Deadlines are growing, especially in China

Also according to the Chatterjee report, the United States is the only region in the world that has not seen any increase in its delivery times in recent weeks. Demand is stable there and Apple is very successful in controlling its logistics on Uncle Sam’s land, leading the Cupertino company to have relatively short deadlines. On the other side of the scale, China is the part of the world that has to wait the longest to receive its phone.

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Indeed, in the Middle Kingdom you have to wait nearly a month to be entitled to the last jewel of the Apple brand: the iPhone 13 Pro. As a reminder, at the end of November China experienced a sudden and unexpected surge in demand from the country, reducing stocks and lengthening delivery times for the first time. While that first wave of orders has been placed, Apple’s subcontractors around the country still seem to be struggling to hang up all the cars.

Lower demand than last year

According to JP Morgan, Apple’s quarterly results should be better than expected, although experts at the American bank admit that demand is not the same this year, compared to last year and to the novelties brought by the iPhone 12. As a reminder, the iPhone 13 remains a version very close to the iPhone 12, which only stands out on a few software and hardware points such as the reduction in the size of the FaceID notch. This absence, at least on the surface, of changes from one iPhone to another does not help consumers spend hundreds of dollars on a phone that does not bring “real” news.

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