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If the headquarters of the Apple and all the research is done from the United States and Cupertino, in California, the firm also has very many factories, all over the planet. Until today, China was responsible for manufacturing the highest-end iPhones.

But while exchanges between the two giants have deteriorated in recent years, Apple has made the decision to emancipate itself a little from Chinese production. In order not to end up blocked, without production, in the event of a halt in trade between China and the United States.

Arriving in India, step by step

Apple therefore proposed to the governments of several countries to come and put their bags at home. And after long negotiations, including exceptional tax cuts, Apple finally found common ground with India, where the Apple brand has built different factories.

In reality, the factories are not really on behalf of Apple. These are subcontractors, like Foxconn (one of the best known) who works in the field for Apple and who assembles the phones for them. The latter have several factories in India. To use Foxconn’s example, the latter owns the Chennai plant in the country.

A big first for Apple

It is precisely in this factory that Apple decided to get down to business in Gandhi’s country. Indeed, the Cupertino company has just asked its subcontractor to carry out a whole series of production tests, in order to know if the factory had the capacities to produce iPhone 13, at a frantic pace.

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These tests are a milestone for Apple, in fact, the Cupertino company has already produced iPhones in countries other than China, but the most high-end model of Apple has never been assembled in another. country as the Middle Empire.

A real blow for Chinese factories, and a real opportunity for Indians, who could very quickly become one of the most important territories in the iPhone manufacturing chain.

Today India is already producing iPhones like the latest SE model, released in 2020, but also iPhone 11s, which are still very popular, as well as other Apple products such as iPads or MacBooks.

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