The iPhone 13 screen can be repaired again without a hitch

Face ID

Last week, Apple announced that it wanted to abandon the Face ID blocking imposed on those who repair the screen of their iPhone 13 without going through an official component. A limitation that is indeed very penalizing, especially when we know that the prices of such a part can easily exceed three hundred euros depending on the damaged model (less with AppleCare + insurance).

If you want to save money, it looks like Apple has finally changed your mind for you, a independent shop having just confirmed the news by trying the experience on his YouTube channel:

Some prerequisites

Good to know, however: to avoid ending up with an unusable biometric unlocking, your iPhone 13, your iPhone 13 mini, your iPhone 13 Pro or your iPhone 13 Pro Max must be running a specific version of its operating system. . And this one is not within the reach of all, since it is in fact of iOS 15.2 beta 3. Now accessible to the general public, this one remains indeed possibly victim of some bugs, it does not is therefore not advisable to install it on a device used daily.

It is not known when iOS 15.2 beta 3 will be available as a final edition. Usually it is only a matter of days. For example, the previous version – namely iOS 15.1 – thus arrived on Tuesday, October 26 in the early evening, for an RC (release candidate ; last beta) just a week before. Knowing that it is also necessary to count from seven to twelve days in general between each beta and that they are most often five in number, we can therefore assume that the screen of the iPhone 13 will be repairable by a third party without affecting the good Face ID working from here next month.

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