The iPhone 13 under 1,000 euros, it’s over


It has been known for some time now that Apple enjoys around 40% gross margins on its products, but that figure is apparently under fire for some changes. In effect, the price of the iPhone 13 has just increased by almost 20%which can result in an invoice going from 909 euros to nearly 1,080 euros if we base ourselves on the prices practiced in France.

For the moment, however, it seems that this increase noted by Nikkei Asia only concerns a market quite far from Europe: the Japan. And for good reason, on the spot the value of the yen against the US dollar has fallen quite significantly in recent days. For example, we thus find ourselves with 1 yen for 0.0074 dollars at the moment against 0.0076 at the beginning of June.

Which models are affected?

Beyond the “classic” iPhone 13, the iPhone SE also sees its price raised to 62,800 yen or approximately 445 euros against 409 euros previously. This is the amount for the version with 64 GB of RAM, available at 529 euros in France with three colors to choose from: Midnight, (PRODUCT)RED and starlight.

An increase is also to be noted on the side of iPhone 13 Pro, which seems to be the most popular at the moment in France according to recent polls. Its edition with 128 GB of storage thus costs 144,800 yen now against around 150 euros less last week. Separately, some Macs also fell victim to similar changes in June.

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What to expect

For the moment, these price changes do not seem to have directly impacted French prospects. However, it appears that the situation is not looking good either in the region, or indeed in Belgium or in the French-speaking countries of the Maghreb. And for good reason : generalized inflation some factors of which could be between coronavirus and Russian-Ukrainian conflict seriously penalizes the local economy.

Additionally, a shortage processors in Asia has been underway for almost a year now. However, these components are essential when it comes to running mobiles or tablets. Apple has also recently been designing its own computer chips to replace previously favored Intel CPUs.

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