The iPhone 13 would be entitled to an always-on screen when it is released

iPhone 13

Once is not customary, a new video posted on the channel EverythingApplePro reveals predictions about upcoming iPhone models. As in those announced before the launch of the last model, which were numerous, it is Max Weinbach which is in fact behind these claims. He is known in particular for his papers written at Android Police.

The editor explains that the iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12S, who knows?) Could be entitled to a screen said always-on. As the name suggests, this is a feature that keep the screen “always on”. But yes, you know: this is what the Apple Watch connected watch, from the same manufacturer, offers for example. Objective: to display the time permanently. So phones powered by iOS can’t do, at least for now.

A new screen in preparation?

Among the reasons for this potential change, we can cite the hypothetical arrival of a new type of panel at the front of the iPhone 13. These would then be equipped with LTPO technology, capable of consuming 5 to 15% less energy. Enough to seriously compete with the Super AMOLED screens of South Korean Samsung, whose deep blacks start with the same advantage.

An always-on display, on a daily basis, can thus quickly become very practical for consulting essential information without draining the autonomy of your mobile. Originally, on a smartphone, it was Motorola who democratized this process on its Moto range. It was then enough to tap the screen for only the time, the date and some notification icons are shared.

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Always-on on the Galaxy S9 + © Skorp24

Since then, the success has apparently convinced the majority of manufacturers since almost all have chosen to include it in their most recent devices.


Like most leaks of this style, it is difficult to verify the authenticity of this assumption. Indeed, Apple has still not communicated anything about the successor to the iPhone 12 and it is even quite likely that this will be the case until its officialization by the last quarter 2021. But more and more hallway noise is being published about it, including regarding the smaller format of this upcoming product family.

It will therefore be necessary to be patient to try to find out more. A strategy of (non) communication of choice on the part of Cupertino, which takes the opportunity to arouse maximum interest in its launches even before their date is known to the general public.

The iPhone 13 would be entitled to an always-on screen when it is released

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