The iPhone 13’s notch should finally be smaller!

iPhone 13

DigiTimes just published a new report about the supposed “iPhone 13”, whose name is yet to be defined. The newspaper thus tries to tell us more about the front face of the device, ensuring that the optical stabilization with displacement of the sensor will be there for its release. With this, the notch would be entitled to a reduced format, confirming other rumors on this subject.

What consequences for end users? A larger case-to-diagonal ratio, to begin with. But above all an experience full screen closer to that offered by the competition. Indeed, many brands are now marketing Android mobiles with popup or punch cameras. There are even versions under the screen, as Apple would also try for its fingerprint sensor.

How do you get there?

To reduce the length of their notch, the engineers at home would have the ambition to move the speaker frontal. This would then be simply installed at the top of the iPhone, and no longer online (following the other modules) like the TrueDepth sensor used to make Face ID work.

Of course, given that at the moment it is only of rumors, their veracity remains to be verified in the future. But there is no doubt that those who will opt for future iPhones would be delighted with such an improvement.

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