The iPhone 14 is as durable as the iPhone 13 according to this test (video)


With the release of new iPhones, many YouTubers each year offer clever videos trying to test the durability of the Apple phone.

Like last year, JerryRigEverything wanted to test the solidity of the iPhone 14 screen. According to Apple, the latter has the same “Ceramic Shield” protection as the iPhone 13. Using objects of different hardness (in function of Mohs scale), the YouTuber came to put pressure on the screen to verify Apple’s statements.

A test he had already carried out last year on the iPhone 13, the perfect opportunity to compare the two phones. On paper the result should be the same and in practice, it is also the case. JerryRigEverything started seeing scratches on the screen when using a hardness 6 object. With a higher hardness level (7), the scratches were much more visible.

This test on the iPhone 14 therefore shows that the phone has the same protection on its front face as the iPhone 13, as Apple had announced.

Tests that should not be used as a reference

Although far from following a clear and established scientific protocol, this test allows you to get an overall idea of ​​the changes made, or not, by Apple. The Apple brand had not given specific information on the iPhone 14 and the phone seems to have the same components as its big brother, the iPhone 13.

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Many YouTubers have been posting videos in the past few days where they subject their new iPhones to hammers, knives, or other objects in an attempt to push them over the edge. It’s pretty impressive to see how much a phone can hold up before giving in.

That said, these tests have no scientific value and all situations are different. An iPhone 14 that falls out of a pocket at the wrong drop angle could end up doing more damage than a device that’s been knocked under a hammer.

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