The iPhone 14 is late: the screen has problems

BOE Electronics

With the release of the new high-end iPhones approaching, more and more rumors about them are published here and there by analysts, informants or specialized newspapers. Today it’s The Electric which tells us that a key supplier of Apple is apparently in a rather delicate situation following a major error in its manufacturing process.

More precisely, it is in fact the industrial plans validated with the apple brand which would not have not respected by BOE Electronics, one of its most important partners. According to the latest information, the company has been chosen by Cupertino to deliver the panels of the “classic” iPhone 14s with a diagonal of 6.1 inches.

Apple is cracking down

It’s unclear why BOE skipped official plans from Apple, but this incident could cost millions of orders. A potential blow to its finances, especially at a time when the crisis is already pushing Chinese consumers to buy fewer and fewer iPhones.

Apple proceeds very strictly with all of its subcontractors. If the specifications are not respected, a inspection meticulousness then confirms whether or not the collaboration between the two parties involved and can jeopardize even the most substantial contracts. Recently, for example, we saw Foxconn pinned down following the deplorable living conditions of its employees. Apple had then decided to purely and simply stop the production circuit of the premises concerned.

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Late this year?

If Apple finally decides (which may take around thirty days) that the collaboration with BOE Electronics is solid enough to continue, the first batches dedicated to the general public could be packaged as early as July or August 2022. that these are only data concerning the basic iPhone 14 therefore, but not the iPhone 14 Pro i the iPhone 14 Pro Max whose screens would rather be in the hands of the Koreans Samsung and LG Display.

Difficult to know if the problem encountered by BOE will cause delays, but it would not be the only cause of this kind of damage anyway. Between shortage of processors and generalized inflation, the situation is not looking good: AAPL stock has lost nearly 25% of its value on Wall Street in the space of a semester.

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