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There are only a few days left to wait before the Apple brand gives us official visuals of the next iPhone and its Pro version. Given the rumors about the latest phone from the Cupertino company, it is precisely this high-end version that should make headlines in the near future.

But while everyone is waiting for any information from Apple Park, analysts and experts from the Californian company seem better informed than us. Several concepts have recently been published, explaining in detail what Apple’s next devices should look like.

If all this information is obviously unofficial, one can suspect that a few days before the announcement, the errors in the experts are not monumental. In broad outline, the iPhone 14 Pro should therefore look like the iPhone 13.

The notch, the great absence of the iPhone 14 Pro

The big difference will be like last year the notch. With the Pro version it could simply disappear. Apple has wanted to achieve this result for a few generations of devices and the iPhone 14 Pro could be the completion of a long internal work of several years.

Among the other points that are still very much discussed, some people bring up the idea of ​​USB-C. While the European Commission has made its adoption mandatory on the soil of the old continent on January 1, 2024, analysts assure that Apple will take everyone by surprise with its iPhone 14 Pro.

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If this theory has the merit of being exotic, it is not unanimous today and the most likely remains an extension of the Lighting port at the bottom of the Apple phone. However, this should be the last time we will see this connector port on an iPhone.

An iPhone 14 Pro full of new features for Apple

With this concept of AR7, we can get an overview of the iPhone 14 Pro and its integration of iOS 16. If it is not visible in the 3D image above, Apple is also working a lot on the screen of his next phone. The latter could, like that of the Apple Watch, offer an “always-on” feature that allows the screen to “sleep”, but only reduce the refresh rate and brightness. A solution that is paradoxically more economical than turning off the device and turning it on again.

However, all these novelties should have a price. Recent analyzes around the Apple brand speak of a price increase of 10 to 15% depending on the model. Such an evolution would bring the iPhone 14 Pro above 1000 €.

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