the iPhone 14 Pro in color with its double punch

iPhone 14 Pro

The flow of rumors from the Asian production circuits leaves little doubt as to what Apple is preparing for the end of the year. As usual, the brand should indeed unveil its new premium iPhone collection. Within these, we would find as today two models stamped “Pro”.

Their advantage, if the manufacturer does not deviate from its habits, will reside above all in the integration of two additional sensors on the back. The first is a telephoto which allows you to take great macro photos, while the second is a LiDAR. The latter is preferred for night shots or to improve augmented reality apps.

Some design changes

In order to get an idea of ​​what the iPhone 14 Pro will look like, the Ukrainian graphic designer @ld_vova shared on his Twitter account renderings of the beast as close as possible to the clues about its technical sheet published in 2022. indeed finds a front camera cropped so as to make the notch disappear in favor of a best size to screen ratio.

On the back, it is also assumed that the mobiles will be equipped with a larger photo module. In any case, it is suggested by industrial diagrams shared upstream, and on which the designer would have based himself to offer us these models. Moreover, no major improvement on the horizon: we keep the format of the iPhone 13, the buttons on the side and the apple logo in the middle of the back shell.

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iPhone 12 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro

For compare the differences between the slab of the iPhone 14 Pro and those of previous models, this image is quite telling:

The difference between the iPhone 12 Pro (on the right of the image) and its successor is rather remarkable, with a notch that becomes 20% smaller as announced by Apple during its keynote last September. But the gain in display area is even greater with the iPhone 14 Pro, where the notch is well and truly abandoned to be replaced by a duo punch + pill.

A solution that is certainly still more protruding than with many competing smartphones, but which would be essential for the proper functioning of facial recognition. called Face ID in stores, it is currently considered one of the most efficient on the market.

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