The iPhone 14 Pro is shaping up to be a racehorse (RAM, photo)

iPhone 14 Pro concept

Forty-eight megapixels : this is the definition that the wide-angle camera of the iPhone 14 Pro could offer, according to a rumor shared by an analyst from Hong Kong. Jeff Pu is not unknown to the battalion, since we have already seen him attempt to predict certain characteristics of the iPhone 12 even before it was formalized by Apple.

Still on the photo side, the ultra wide-angle and the telephoto lens would remain confined to twelve megapixels. This is not the first time that hallway noises have reached us, since previously Ming-Chi Kuo already felt the same, adding that a lens for selfies could also soon be integrated directly under the screen.


Pu also assumes that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will ship 8 GB of RAM, compared to “only” 6 currently. The range would then finally be on the page of the competition, which offers up to twice as much from some manufacturers. But that does not mean that the power will be left aside, far from it.

Indeed, other indications suggest that the processor of the iPhone 14 will be further improved with a precision of three nanometers. An advantage which should allow it – in theory – to consume less energy and which, coupled with an iOS boosted with steroids, should guarantee users a foolproof speed. Especially with the Pro models, if like today they have a better GPU.

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Screen and storage

To finish, Could is also betting on the arrival of a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz on each of the iPhone 14, which is at odds with most of the other assumptions we have read so far. The latter therefore rely on availability of this ProMotion technology only on the iPhone 14 Pro, and not on the others.

Beyond the diagonals (2 x 6.1 inches and 2 x 6.7 inches) which this time correspond with most of the other rumors, Pu is also betting on the iPhone 14 sold from 64 GB of storage. Recall that the iPhone 13, they start at 128 GB. The researcher from the Asian firm Haitong International Securities not always getting it right, it is still better to remain on guard as to what he says. Only the next announcements from Apple will be able to decide.

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