The iPhone 14 Pro should have a never-before-seen front camera

iPhone 14 Pro

Since last September and the release of the iPhone 13, the world of analysts and other Apple brand experts only have eyes for the iPhone 14. According to the rumors circulating about these new phones (which should be 3 in number), they will be entitled to many improvements.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest report confirmed many of these rumors, including those about the technical details of the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro’s front camera. According to Kuo, this camera should get the biggest update for iPhones in years.

As he confided in his blog and also on his Twitter account, Apple has just given the details of its specifications to its suppliers. While some of them are already long-time Apple partners, such as Sony, two new suppliers are joining the Japanese firm: Cowell and LG Innotek.

A 48 Mpx camera that films in 8k

As a reminder, the terms of the contract between LG Innotek and Apple were revealed last month after the Cupertino company broke its contract with a Chinese company for quality problems. This new partnership should allow Apple to have a new front camera that is more efficient than ever.

According to Kuo, the iPhone 14 Pro will therefore have the right to autofocus, bringing in fact, a photo and video image quality never seen before on the iPhone. Also according to Kuo’s report, the front camera of the iPhone 14 Pro should be entitled to a 48 Mpx sensor capable of filming in 8 k.

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