The iPhone 14 should have an e-SIM but it will remain an option

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Next September Apple should, barring a major cataclysm, present the next iPhone, under the name iPhone 14. As usual, Apple is trying to preserve as much secrecy as possible around this phone, but rumors are already rife just under 9 months now from the release of the phone.

While the question had been little discussed in recent years with regard to the iPhone, the possibility of seeing an e SIM arriving in 2022 on the phones of the Cupertino company is increasingly felt. Indeed, according to the latest report by Emma Mohr-McClune, analyst for GlobalData, the Apple brand is about to make this change.

A physical SIM card still relevant?

For the moment Apple phones are entitled to an insert for physical SIM cards. On the latest iPhones, this is placed at the bottom left of the phone. But according to numerous sources in recent weeks, this location is under threat.

Indeed, physical SIM cards seem to be on the way out as many smartphone brands now offer e-SIM slots, i.e. virtual cards. For manufacturers, it’s a really good solution, as it frees up a lot of space in the phone.

But according to the latest report from GlobalData, the iPhone 14 is unlikely to be the phone of change. Indeed, if the e-SIM should be present on the Apple phone, the latter will only be optional and the insert for a physical card should always be there on the next generation of smartphone from Cupertino.

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Dylandkt disagrees.

For his part, the controversial analyst Dylandkt, who officiates mainly on Twitter, said he was totally in agreement with recent rumors that see physical SIM cards disappearing on the next iPhone. Two visions of the Apple phone which contradict each other and which should find their answer next September during the presentation of the iPhone 14 by Tim Cook and his teams.

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