The iPhone 14 will be 10 to 15% more expensive than the iPhone 13

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According to new rumors shared by the reputable analyst Ming Chi Kuo, Foxconn’s recent explosive revenue performance is believed to be partly due to higher prices for iPhones ordered from it by Apple. The subcontractor is in fact in charge of assembling more than half of all models and earned no less than 1.1 billion dollars during the first half of 2022.

Pure the researcher, the price of the iPhone 14 would thus increase by 10 to 15%, which puts other estimates in the closet. So doing a quick calculation. The iPhone 13 mini, which is now the cheapest in its range, should be abandoned because its small format does not seem to convince. We must therefore take the classic iPhone 13 as a starting point, but this one is sold from 909 euros. Adding 10% to this sum, we get €909.99 or 1,045.35 euros with 15% more.

Blame the components?

Difficult to know what could explain this increase at Cupertino, but we know for example that processors have run out in the East Asian production chain. Apple would have chosen not to integrate its chip A16 Bionic than in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but this might not have been enough. It is then possible that some subcontractors have increased the invoice to better distribute the stocks.

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Fortunately for small purses, know that Apple recently unveiled its offer to buy the iPhone in twenty-four times. For the iPhone 13, this choice amounts to paying twenty-four monthly payments of 37.87 euros and this without any costs! Practice. With this, it is also rumored that the Apple firm is preparing the iPhone by subscription, the principle of which would be quite similar but with a mobile that does not really belong to you this time.

And in all likelihood, the iPhone 14 would be almost identical to the iPhone 13. We are certainly talking about a slightly more powerful camera and the end of the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro, but the majority of the improvements would remain anecdotal for the mainstream consumer. However, we know that the price of previous versions tends to drop drastically when a new model arrives, which could decide some to take the plunge for the iPhone 13.

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