the iPhone 15 Pro Max, alone in the lead with a major advantage

iPhone 15 Pro concept

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the only one to benefit from a periscope lens when it arrives at the end of 2023. Yes, we are talking here about the model planned after the iPhone 14 range expected by next September. Our informant does not reveal his sources once again, but we know that his clues have proven to be very sharp many times in the past, which gives them some credence.

But then, what is the advantage of the so-called “periscope” technology? This is actually a method used by subcontractors to fold the photo sensor on itself, so as to gain enough space in the hull of the mobile to integrate a very powerful zoom. In theory, therefore, you should be able to capture more details from far away with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Not for the iPhone 15 Pro?

According to Kuo, it is therefore only the large 6.7-inch model that would carry this solution, while the basic iPhone 15 Pro (6.1 inches) will be satisfied with a less effective telephoto lens. A difference that echoes the 4K ProRes that arrived recently on smartphones from the Apple brand, but which again created a surprise by not being finally available with only 128 GB of storage.

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It’s hard to know why Apple would have chosen to only offer the periscope lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but several hypotheses are in play. The first is obviously of a marketing nature and could allow the device to stand out, justifying a price at nearly 1,500 euros where the iPhone 15 Pro would appear to be more affordable, theoretically guaranteeing it more success. The second hypothesis, meanwhile, is hidden on the side of suppliers like Jahwa Electronics and LG Innotek who may not yet be ready to keep up with a rate of several hundred million units per quarter. Indeed, the iPhone 13 Pro today seems to be more popular than the iPhone 13 Pro Max thanks to its lower price.

Problem solved in two years

Fortunately, Kuo ends by stating that when the iPhones are released in 2024, both Pro and Pro Max models should be entitled to the periscope lens. But by then, Apple’s program is likely to change: the news should therefore be considered with caution.

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