The iPhone SE 3 could cost a lot less than the previous one

iPhone SE 3 concept

It was already assumed that the 2022 iPhone SE was on the verge of going into production, according to a rumor shared earlier this week by Gizchina. However, it turns out that a new clue comes to support this theory, this time shared by MyDrivers which is not at its first attempt. Better yet: the media ensures to know more about the technical characteristics of the device.

Thus, according to him, the small 4.7-inch screen would be retained, just like the home button housing the Touch ID fingerprint sensor as well as the back photo sensor of twelve megapixels. However, 5G would arrive for the first time on the range, while the processor would also be updated by switching to the A15 which can already be found under the hood of the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. As for the RAM, it would be increased from 3 to 4 GB, which makes sense in view of the current competition.


Where the report of MyDrivers questions on the other hand, it is on the side of the price of the iPhone SE 3. For the site, this one would thus be fixed at 269 dollars only: a record, quite simply. If we refer to Apple’s usual conversion figures, this could equal a sum of around 350 euros in France. Suffice to say that it will then indeed be the cheapest iPhone ever seen since the brand’s debut, the second iPhone SE worth 489 euros while even the very first iPhone from 2007 was satisfied with 399 euros, which was already a lot for the time given the inflation.

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Of course, this information should be considered with a certain caution: the source has already made a mistake in the past, and no other analyst or magazine has since come to give grain to these numbers for the moment. To be sure, meet in March or around April: it is on this date that the third generation iPhone SE would be unveiled.

Top sales?

Along with the iPhone SE, there are also two “classic” iPhone 14s and two “Pro” iPhone 14s that could see the light of day around September. Add to this several Macs and maybe even second-gen AirPods Pro and the cocktail seems perfect to once again achieve growing revenue throughout the next twelve months for Apple.

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