The iPhone SE 3 will be produced with low-carbon aluminum

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In 2020, Apple announced its intention to become carbon neutral across all of its activities by 2030. Clearly, the Apple brand is aiming for net zero CO2 emissions in its supply chain, but also during of the life cycle of its productions.

In this context, the Cupertino company has notably embarked on green bond projects and has so far devoted $4.7 billion to them. This massive investment is beginning to bear fruit and the Tech giant has just communicated on an initiative that is close to its heart.

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“Revolutionary technology”

Specifically, the company plans to produce the iPhone SE 3 using low-carbon aluminum and via a method that avoids any carbon emissions. The whole is based on a new fusion technology.

In the press release, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president in charge of the environment, policies and social initiatives, specifies that the apple brand buys its aluminum from the company Elysis which is ” pioneered the world’s first carbon-free direct aluminum smelting process “. She adds that it is the first commercial-purity primary aluminum produced on an industrial scale, the process produces oxygen instead of greenhouse gases. »

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And as you might expect, satisfaction is also on the side of the CEO of Elysis, Vincent Christ, who rejoices: “ The sale to Apple confirms market interest in aluminum produced using our revolutionary carbonless smelting technology. We are excited to work alongside Apple on this breakthrough, which has the potential to permanently change the way aluminum is produced. »

What do you think of this initiative? Could it make you decide to buy the iPhone SE 3 rather than another smartphone or the environment is not a determining factor in your choices?

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