The iPhone SE (third generation) soon in the boxes

iPhone SE Plus

A new signed report Gizchina, as close as possible to the case, therefore, ensures that Apple’s subcontractors are on the verge of starting mass production tests of the third generation iPhone SE. This would succeed the current model around March or April, and could feature better performance as well as 5G connectivity for the first time.

Unfortunately, subcontractors who are already at work are not mentioned here. In addition, it is specified that this would in fact not be a final version of the iPhone SE but a test model, the various tests of which aim precisely to validate or not its design. Objective: for it to be adapted to mass logistics, which is not always easy.

No bigger screen?

Several rumors shared until today suggested that the third edition of the iPhone SE could be endowed with the suffix More, with a screen whose diagonal would then drop from 4.7 to 6.1 inches. However, it seems that products in development now continue to offer the small display. But an iPhone SE 4 would also be scheduled for 2023, maybe it’s actually just this one.

Note also that the panel is often the most expensive component on the iPhone, but the SE range is precisely the most affordable of the brand. It is difficult, therefore, to imagine that Apple has succeeded in lowering the cost of parts supplied by Samsung in such a short time. The Korean is not the only decision-maker in the case, LG and BOE Electronics are also in charge of these large-scale orders.

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Current technical sheet

We will not know precisely what will change in the iPhone SE of 2022 unless it was indeed to be unveiled soon, but its predecessor already gives an idea of ​​the collection. It is available in three colors (white, black or red) from only 489 euros in France. It embeds 3 GB of RAM (which could increase to 4) as well as an Apple A13 Bionic processor, the same as in the iPhone 11.

The iPhone SE 2 charges via a Lightning socket and has thirteen hours of maximum battery life in video playback.

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