Apple iPhone The iPhone will be able to recharge the Navigo...

The iPhone will be able to recharge the Navigo card from February 20


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A few days ago, we learned of the arrival of support in February, on the iPhone, of the digital ticket for the RATP network. Asked by, Île-de-France Mobilités, an organization managing the Paris and Ile-de-France public transport networks, gave some details on the subject.

The iPhone will charge Navigo

In short, this switch from tickets to digital will take place in two stages. First of all, from January 20, users equipped with a Navigo card will no longer need to access a terminal or a counter to recharge it. They can do it simply by sticking the card on the back of their iPhone and taking advantage of a new NFC feature in the ViaNavigo iOS app. The purchase of individual tickets can also be done in this way, with the Navigo Easy card.

Note that if the novelty is coming soon to iPhone, these procedures are already possible on Android smartphones since 2019.

Note that there will also be some limitations to take advantage of it: no recharging of Navigo cards from an iPhone older than the model 7 (2016) and / or an iPhone running a version prior to iOS 13.

In addition, it was specified that initially the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max will not be compatible with this new Navigo charging feature via NFC.

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Digital tickets on the iPhone, finally

In February, at a date still unknown, the second stage of the digitization of transport tickets will be carried out with the possibility to buy digital tickets, visible on the iPhone, in the Wallet application. Thus, there will no longer be any need to have your Navigo card or even any other cardboard ticket with you. The iPhone will then be enough to pass the subway gates without even having to queue at the counters and other automated terminals. We look forward !

Finally, it should be noted that, if the arrival of this feature arrives on iPhone well after Android, this may have been caused by a long period of negotiations. The Cupertino company was notably accused last year of asking for a commission for the integration of the Navigo pass into the iPhone. While for the Île-de-France region, it was out of the question. As Nicolas Lellouche from points out, nothing to date indicates whether the American giant has won its case or not. Will it cost more to use a digital ticket on iPhone than a regular ticket? This would be surprising, but the question remains unanswered for the moment.


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- Advertisement -The iPhone will be able to recharge the Navigo card from February 20The iPhone will be able to recharge the Navigo card from February 20

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- Advertisement -The iPhone will be able to recharge the Navigo card from February 20The iPhone will be able to recharge the Navigo card from February 20

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