The iPhone’s Biggest Worry Is In Your Head

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The Freedom Mobile site decided to compile nearly 130 keywords to find out what was the most common problem for iPhone owners. If the very famous “my iPhone does not charge” or “my iPhone does not turn on” are obviously part of the game, they are not the most asked questions to search engines.

According to Freedom Mobile’s analysis, the most common query for iPhone crashes is “iPhone disabled, connect to iTunes.” This request appears 42,000 times a month, says the website, which counted it for several weeks.

A disabled iPhone: the most common problem around the world

As a reminder, this request, which you may never have encountered, only happens when the iPhone has been completely deactivated. To get to such a state, you have to type a wrong password on the iPhone lock screen 10 times. If this situation is designed to happen as infrequently as possible, it seems quite common to encounter this kind of problem.

But the Freedom Mobile study doesn’t stop there. She split the search results by country of origin, to see if issues might change by location. According to the site this is indeed the case. In the United Kingdom or the United States, the request “Face ID does not work” is by far the most popular.

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Note that a problem like “iPhone stuck on Apple” is quite common, ranking 3rd in the United States and the 5th most popular query in England. This software problem can occur when the phone is turned on again, the easiest way to solve it is to either force the ignition or turn off the phone and start the maneuver again.

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