The jack port may still disappear, on these Apple devices

iPad 10

Last week, you may have been able to discover with us new three-dimensional renderings of the future “classic” tenth generation iPad expected in October. Then appeared a different design, reminiscent of the one that is now adopted by the other three ranges of Apple tablets: the iPad Air, the iPad mini and the iPad Pro.

Except that another detail has actually escaped us. Indeed, on these diagrams the jack port which allows you to connect wired headphones or earphones has simply disappeared. If it were indeed to be removed by Apple, the brand would then not offer no more tablets with this technical characteristic since the other collections are no longer entitled to it either. Mobiles, meanwhile, had begun to abandon this standard with the iPhone 7 in 2017. MacBooks, for their part, remain safe.


If the jack is to disappear with the arrival of the iPad 10, then Apple could take the opportunity to promote the AirPods, its wireless headphones that connect via Bluetooth. Several models are available at the moment, including the third edition of the classic version and the AirPods Pro, with active noise reduction. For a little over two 600 euros, you can also treat yourself to the AirPods Max, a headset.

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Otherwise, Apple still offers the EarPods with lightning plug. The problem is that it is also rumored that the iPad 10 will abandon this proprietary charging standard in favor of UBS-C… The choice is therefore likely to be difficult for future buyers of these devices. Especially when you know that the price of a wired pair is only nineteen euros, against almost ten times more (at least) for AirPods…

Other consequences on the final product?

By ditching the jack, Apple can also theoretically reduce costs by no longer needing to buy from subcontractors for this part. We know, however, that it is absolutely not the most expensive, unlike the screen.

With this, the iPad 10 could also be thinner than its predecessors, which recalls in particular the displacement of the jack on the iMac M1 when the wasp waist of the machine had challenged…

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