The known measures implemented against the delta variant also work for Omicron

Pasajeros del transporte público en Nueva York, usando máscaras tapabocas.

Passengers on public transportation in New York, wearing masks.

Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

“The border controls they can delay the arrival of the virus and buy time. But all countries and all communities must prepare for further increases of the cases. The positive news in all this is that none of the information we currently have on Ómicron suggests that we should change the direction of our company. “

This is the view of the regional director of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Western Pacific, Dr. Takeshi kasai, who held a virtual conference from Manila, Philippines.

The expert said that although in some countries there are spikes, the Covid-19 cases and deaths in many others have not only stabilized, but have even decreased.

Still there are many doubts about this new variant, including whether or not it is more contagious as some suspect, whether it leads to more serious disease, or whether the vaccine provides protection against it.

Kasai emphasizes that omicron has been designated as worrisome because of the number of mutations it presents, and because it could be more contagious, although more tests still need to be done.

The measures highlighted as efficient at the time against the delta variant, and which must now continue to be used, are also to achieve a full vaccination coverage, use of masks and physical distance between people.

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