The last film of the late Mexican actress Edith González is released

Se estrena la última película de la fallecida actriz mexicana Edith González

This Friday the film was released “An honest feeling in the dungeon of oblivion”, last film that has the participation of the late Mexican actress Edith González and that was shot in 2017 when she was still battling ovarian cancer.

Tape, directorial debut Luis Bárcenas and with a duration of four hours, it had already been pre-released in March at the International Film Festival of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (FICUNAM), although it was not selected for the competition.

“(González) had an impressive vitality. At all times he was smiling. I wanted to work, to collaborate, to listen to opinions and gave advice and suggestions“Bárcenas revealed last year to a national television program.

The film portrays the life of a biologist with a special taste for arachnids who will have to face strange events related to the banana mafia in a South American country.

In said movie, González plays Isabelle Batun, a successful painter who asks her daughter to investigate the identity of the portrait she makes of a stranger and which is cataloged as her best workHowever, such a search will reveal dangerous secrets.

In 2016, the actress decided to retire from the stage for a while to dedicate time to the treatment for ovarian cancer that was diagnosed that year, However, he had some appearances on television, such as in the telenovela “Three families” (2018) and the making of this film.

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The Mexican actress passed away in June 2019 “After a sudden deterioration of health” victim of ovarian cancer that was detected years ago, as reported at the time by family and friends of the deceased.

At all times, her family maintained that the actress worked until the last moment and highlighted her legacy as the protagonist of soap operas, but also her career that spanned film, radio and theater, which, she recalls, began when she was five years old.

González was born in 1964, in the northern state of Nuevo León. She began her career as a child actress in the 1970s in films with supporting roles.

Later he became a benchmark for Mexican soap operas thanks to his participation in plots such as “The rich also cry” (1979), “Rosa Salvaje” (1987), “Monte Calvario” (1986) and “Corazón Salvaje” (1993).

In addition, he starred in other successful melodramas such as “I will never forget you” (1999), “Salomé” (2001) and “Doña Bárbara” (2008).

In 2004 González had a daughter with the politician of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) Santiago Creel, who recognized the relationship and his daughter in 2008.

Years after she married businessman Lorenzo Lazo, with whom she shared her last years of life.

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