The latest MacBook Pro with a CD player is now vintage

MacBook Pro 2012

That’s it. The latest MacBook with a CD/DVD drive is now “vintage” for Apple. Released in June 2012, the Cupertino company officially shelved a MacBook Pro that marked the years…

Bye bye, MacBook Pro from 2012

Released just under ten years ago, this 2012 13” MacBook Pro was the brand’s last to include a CD/DVD drive. After several years of glory, Apple really turned the page by stopping its marketing in October 2016.

Namely that Apple qualifies as vintage its products which have not been marketed for 5 to 7 years. Today, this MacBook Pro joins the list of vintage products, such as the iPod nano, the iPhone 5, the first iPad and Apple Watch or the 2015 MacBook Retina. A final shelving.

In effect, this means that Apple will no longer supply compatible parts to Apple Stores and Authorized Service Centers to repair this model. They will be able to take care of it but only within the limit of the available parts… The last step before this MacBook Pro is really out of service, therefore. Seven years after the end of the marketing of said product, it is considered obsolete. And there, it’s a real farewell.

The 2012 MacBook Pro 13” is Apple’s latest computer to have a CD/DVD drive and a slew of connectors. Yes, since then, Apple has made the bet to reduce the number of ports and it has been almost ten years since the brand abandoned the CD player. Rightly because fewer and fewer people were using it. Fortunately, the firm thought of those who need it by releasing the SuperDrive…

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On the software side, Apple completely sidelined the 2012 MacBook Pro when it switched to macOS Big Sur in November 2020 as a good successor to macOS Catalina. Since then, it is impossible to update the computer…

By joining the list of vintage products on January 31, the 2012 MacBook Pro will join Apple’s pantheon of iconic products, after many years of loyal service.

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