the latest model with a notch?


According to many rumors, Apple could well make the iPhone 14, expected for the end of the year, the last iPhone with a notch. And again, according to Ross Young, the brand’s three models should not all be affected in the same way. Indeed, the analyst announces it sure of him, the next iPhone Pro and Pro Max will no longer be entitled to a notch as we currently know it on the iPhone 13.

Not so surprising news when we know that Apple has been working to reduce the size of the latter for years and that the iPhone 13 was the first stone of this change. According to the announcements made in his latest report by the brand expert, the next iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will therefore be entitled to a form of “pill” which had already been talked about a few weeks ago.

Keep Face ID at all costs

The Cupertino company seems to favor this solution for the moment, the idea of ​​placing Face ID under the screen not being a viable solution for the moment at Apple. Apple could therefore offer an iPhone with two inserts on the top of the screen, a first for Face ID, slightly longer than the second, and therefore a second with a classic photo sensor.

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This particular shape could allow Apple to maintain an ease of visual distinction compared to Android products, none of which exist today with this screen format. The idea for Apple is therefore to turn the page on the notch while keeping a unique side and above all its very powerful Face ID technology.


A concept of the “pill” of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max © App system

iPhone 14: the last representative of the notch

Apple’s facial recognition system has proven itself and it is out of the question for Tim Cook’s teams to see it disappear. Regarding the future of iPhones, Ross Young explains that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be entitled to this double punch in their screen, while the “classic” iPhone 14 will keep a small notch, the same size as the one present. on the iPhone 13.

We will therefore have to wait for the iPhone 15 to see the notch disappear definitively, which could then make its arrival on an SE model. Those who are designed to be out of step with Apple’s advanced technology.

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