The leadership goes through Prague

Diego Llorente, Asensio, Carvajal, Marcos Llorente, Busquets, Ferran, Marcos Alonso e Íñigo Martínez muestran el buen ambiente de la Selección en el entrenamiento de ayer.

The leadership goes through Prague

“There are space for everyoneabove all if there are joys”, recognized yesterday Luis Enrique in the usual press conference prior to the National Team matches. The technician responded thus to the question of whether would understand that he Czech Republic-Spain of the Nations League will go to a background if Nadal won Roland Garros (follow the match live on He failed to say that with Nadal everything is in the background, but his was a elegant answer seasoned with a “what a problem” in case of double joy. That’s what we want, a victory with the one that the giant Rafe give even more shade to the Eiffel Tower and another with which Selection forget the prick on Thursday against Portugal and gain cruising speed towards the World Cup.

the goal of Ricardo Horta in the aftermath of the match in Seville forces us to see this afternoon’s duel with different glasses. It is not possible to speak of emergencies, since it is only the second group match, but we measure ourselves with the leaderthat Czech Republic that in the premiere defeated Switzerland 2-1 on the same stage that La Roja visits today, the Sinobo stadium in Prague.

They wait newssomething logical considering the four matchIt’s about this national team break and the mileage that footballers have on their boots. Some of them, like Carvajalpoint to eleven headline after the break against Portugal, when it was Azpilicueta who occupied the right side; in the other side could leave home Mark Alonso, who is going strong in the current National Team after his great season at Chelsea. and so we could follow, line by line, as the option of Thomas Raul instead of Morata, because the rotation is an open secret that confirms what Luis Enrique reiterates in each press appearance: that in this Selection no fixed headlinesthat all players have the same opportunities.

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In the another sidewalk, while, so many changes are not guessed. Is there a certain low, like the one in Krejci injured and whose position in the center of defense has been filled by Kudela, but little else. Jaroslav Silhavy it is clear that you have to trust in the bloc that brought down switzerland last Thursday, even though it was the Swiss team that enjoyed the best chances. But the goals from Kucht and Sowin own doorThey gave the locals three points that taste like gold.

The Czech coach mixes up the pieces of the puzzle to try to create doubts in the rival, but it is of little use if he talks about alternatives between a 5-4-1, a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2. The only clear thing, or at least what he confesses on those eves of matches in which each coach tries to confuse the rival, is that he intends play face to face with La Roja: “We want to take the ball away from Spain”.

In that tug of war for the ball it could be protagonist Kokewhich points to the ownership to the detriment of Soler. Meanwhile, we will have to see if Gavi has recovered of the blow to the calf suffered against Portugal. The Sevillian was erected in the offensive star of La Roja and yesterday he even received praise from the Czech coach. At 17 years old (he will turn 18 shortly, on August 5) he has achieved the most difficult yet, to be protagonist in the Barca and in the Selection. The one who will be safe at Luis Enrique’s disposal is Eric Garcia once he has overcome tonsillitis.

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Both he and whoever acts as a center-back must have a thousand eyes on kuchtawhich will make nine, or in Hlozek, that a priori should look for oil on the left. It’s without forgetting Soucek, accustomed to arriving in the second row without ringing the bell. That is, without warning. Ingredients all of them to which Spainwhat sum five games without defeat (since the Nations League final against France), he must face to straighten the course. It should be done as soon as possible.


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