The lists of the World Cup in Qatar will have more than 23 players

Jugadores de la Selección en un entrenamiento

Although it is news that has been taken for granted for some time, although it has not been confirmed, Luis Enrique took it for granted this Saturday at the press conference prior to the Czech Republic-Spain of the Nations League that the lists of the 32 teams qualified for the Qatar World Cup will be more than 23 players. Of course, he left the arch open to a number that will range between 24 and 26.

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The coach took advantage of the reminder to make two nuances. The first is that, although there are 26 summoned by the National Team, all the players will be able to sit on the bench and there will be no discards. In the European Championship, the coach decided to take 24 players instead of the 25 allowed by UEFA. That generated some controversy. Over time, the selectors, as revealed by the same Luis Enrique, complained that the fact that there were discards generated “bad atmosphere”hence the same Luis Enrique made it clear this Saturday in Prague that he does not know what he will do even if FIFA allows him to take 26. Of course, the fact that they can be within the call avoids the asterisk of the past European Championship.

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