The longevity diet: What to eat to live longer, healthier, and have the ideal weight

The longevity diet

We all want to live longer, the longevity diet not only lengthens the lifetime, it is key in the prevention of chronic diseases. Know the basic principles of this lifestyle, considered today the key to health

Talk about longevity is a deeper concept that is not only based on the simple fact of living longer, but it is also a set of actions that aim to have a better quality of vinea, that is why important aspects such as a healthy mental and physical well-being.

Medicine and nutrition specialists agree that it’s no coincidence that there are people from Healthier 70 and 80 years old, than some who are half their age. While genetics can intervene in some issues, the Lifestyle is a factor that is much more significant and within it, food is the key piece.

Today there are all kinds of trends focused on nutrition, health, and wellness they promote eating plans what do they have like a mission to nurture the organism and be the best ally in the disease prevention. These currents gather a series of customs and eating habits they provide complete nutrition for the organism which is related to healthy body weight, more energy, better cognitive functioning, and a good mood. The longevity diet without a doubt it is one of the stronger trends today, who has the goodness to be more than any diet It’s about a Lifestyle ensuring health and well-being at all levels.

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What foods promote the longevity diet?

One of the great genius of this type of feeding is that it is not a common diet which is based on dietary and calorie restrictions. Is a long-term lifestyle that focuses on the consumption of quality food and it promotes some important principles, among which the following stand out.

1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

You’ve probably read too many times about the importance of ensuring the correct consumption of fruits and vegetables, but it is simply one of the best permanent habits that we must adopt in eating. The fruits and vegetables not only guarantee el optimal consumption of all nutrients that the body needs to function, are the key to adding a few more years of life; are associated with a lower risk of mortality, and decrease the risk of various degenerative diseases. Consider at least five servings a day and create the habit of integrating them into all the meals of the day, even in snacks.

2. Many nuts

Walnuts are a nutritional treasure their consumption can not miss in a healthy diet and best of all, they are associated with great medicinal properties. It’s about a complete and nutritious food, are distinguished by their content in healthy fats, vegetable proteins, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and essential minerals, as is the case of potassium and magnesium. Various studies have proven the benefits of following a Mediterranean diet supplemented with walnuts, has the ability to reduce the risk of mortality by 39%. It is also advisable to consider the consumption of nut butter and nuts best of all is that They go wonderfully with all kinds of dishes such as smoothies, with fruit, in salads, soups, and stews.

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The longevity diet: What to eat to live longer, healthier, and have the ideal weight

3. Eat more meatless meals

Many people are used to skipping meat consumption from your meal plans once a week and it is certainly a good habit. However, to really promote longevity it is necessary to change the formula and base diet on the consumption of plant-based foods, leaving only for special occasions the consumption of products of animal origin. It is proven that in the regions of the world where most long-lived people live, which are popularly called the Blue Zones are distinguished by basing their diet on the consumption of vegetarian food as is the case of fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds, and especially legumes, considered a great protein alternative and are very rich in fiber. They are satiating and versatile foods, very soon they will make you forget to eat meat.

The longevity diet: What to eat to live longer, healthier, and have the ideal weight

4. Get inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle

When we talk about longevity it automatically comes to mind the Mediterranean lifestyle. And by this we mean replicate habits and customs they are not only characterized by exquisite food, promote the consumption of fresh and seasonal food, a good rest, and good times with the family. And it is that everything influences when it comes to living longer and better, this lifestyle promotes harmony and eating quality food as is the case of abundant local fruits and vegetables, olive oil, a good occasional wine, whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts and avocado; eggs, dairy, fatty fish, and shellfish a few times a week. It’s actually simple, follow a balanced diet, physical activity, and living without stress, is the key that they continue in the Mediterranean area to live longer and better.

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The longevity diet: What to eat to live longer, healthier, and have the ideal weight

5. Drink a lot of green tea

Green tea is considered one of the drinks with the greatest medicinal power that exists not for nothing is one of the essential ingredients in Chinese traditional medicine and it is an important part of herbal medicine and herbalism. Its consumption is millennial and is associated with extraordinary medicinal benefits, is a great ally in prevention and less risk of chronic diseases as is the case of obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. It is a powerful drink with a high content in antioxidants and with great anti-inflammatory properties, its habitual consumption throughout the day (approx. 6 cups) is related to a 50% less risk of premature death.

Green Tea

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