The lost prototype of Triumph that changes the history of the brand | Motorcycles

The lost prototype of Triumph that changes the history of the brand | Motorcycles

Triumph has rediscovered one of the key moments in its history: the collector Dick shepherd has found the first prototype of the brand, from 1901, and has returned it to its original condition after more than a century of life.

The existence of this prototype had never been confirmed, but there were reviews in its day, as well as an advertisement, which sparked rumors about it. So when a collector friend contacted Shepherd to talk about a model with details that had not been seen in the first copies of Triumph, he was intrigued.

And he was right, since it was the prototype conceived from a standard bicycle of the British firm with a engine from Belgian manufacturer Minerva, whose objective was to generate interest and check if the population demanded one of their motorcycles.

According to Shepherd, “This collector also had in his possession a letter from Triumph, dated 1937, which outlined the unique origins of the unit and provided some key details. The fact that the engine number matched with Minerva engine logs destined for his first collaboration with Triumph in 1901 endows the prototype with undoubted historical significance ”.

After being exhibited at the Motorcycle Live Show in the United Kingdom, from 14 December it will be shown at the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience in Hinckley, a free museum that has the brand in the United Kingdom. In fact, the 14th will be a special day because the prototype will be started and circulated for the first time in public after 120 years of existence.

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Triumph Prototype

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