The M2 Ultra chip would already be in the pipes

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After the presentation of the Mac Studio and the M1 Ultra chip, which provides users with extremely high performance, new rumors are now circulating about the next Apple products and their chips.

In an article published a few days ago, the 9to5Mac site insists that the next MacBook Air should introduce a new chip from Apple Silicon: the M2 chip. According to the sources of this media, the M2 chip would be based on the A15 Bionic of the iPhone. Like the M1, the M2 would have 10 CPU cores. In contrast, the GPU would have 10 cores.

M2: we expect the second generation of Apple Silicon chips for Macs

Since the M2 chip is an entry-level chip for Macs, it won’t necessarily be as powerful as the M1 Pro or M1 Max. But Apple is already developing more powerful versions of the M2 chip: the M2 Pro, the M2 Max and the M2 Ultra. The latter would use 24 CPU cores.

This possibility is also mentioned in an article by Mark Gurman, journalist for Bloomberg. Gurman is one of the most reliable sources when it comes to future Apple products. And in his post, he explains that there are two possibilities for the next Mac Pro, which Apple teased during its March 8 keynote.

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Mac Studio M1 Ultra at the best price Base price: €4,599

Combine two “Ultra” chips to have an “Extreme” chip

The first possibility would be that the firm offers two processor options for the Mac Pro: an option with an M1 Ultra chip, and another with a chip designed by combining two M1 Ultras. With the latter, we would then have 40 CPU cores and 128 GPU cores.

This theory is backed up by a tweet from “Majin Blu” who says they’ve found information about the upcoming Mac Pro. “It is the bridge that connects 2 M1 Ultra between them and that we will find in the new Mac Pro 2022”he says.

The other possibility would be that Apple waits for the development of the M2 Ultra chip before releasing the next Mac Pro. And in this case, the firm could offer an option combining two M2 Ultra chips.

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In addition, the journalist predicts mind-blowing configurations for these chips designed with two M2 Ultra.

  • “M2: eight processor cores and nine or 10 graphics cores
  • M2 Pro: 12 CPU cores and 16 graphics cores
  • M2 Max: 12 CPU cores and 32 graphics cores
  • M2 Ultra: 24 CPU cores and 48 or 64 graphics cores
  • M2 Extreme (note, the name Gurman gave to the chip designed with two M2 Ultra): 48 processor cores and 96 or 128 graphics cores”

Of course, all this information is unofficial. And because of this, caution is always in order. But what is certain is that Apple has some nice surprises in store for us in 2022.

As a reminder, the transition of Macs from Intel processors to Apple Silicon chips began in 2020 and should be completed this year. Also, we expect the firm to stock up on new features.

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