The Mac mini will also have the right to the M1X chip

Mac mini M1 2021

Apple is reportedly set to launch a MacBook Pro with a brand new M1X chip inside. The latter will be the very first evolution made by the Apple to its M1 chip. While rumors have been growing for months on this chip and the 14 or 16-inch MacBook Pro that should accompany it, Mark Gurman comes to propose the idea that Apple does not use this chip only in his laptop. .

The Cupertino company could indeed integrate this new chip into its Mac mini, in a new generation of the latter. Completely redesigned and reworked by the Apple teams for its release with the M1 chip last year, the Mac mini had ultimately changed little aesthetically, the vast majority of the efforts made by the Apple teams focusing on it. inside the latter and its support for M1.

But now that Apple Silicon technology is stable, nothing prevents the Apple from developing “physically” its devices, and according to Gurman this is exactly what the Cupertino company is about to do.

A new design?

This is not the first time that such a rumor has appeared on the web. A few months ago Jon Prosser had indeed already announced that Apple would market, by the end of 2021, a new generation of Mac mini, with a brand new design. But since Prosser’s announcement, no major Apple analyst had bounced off this information that had gone under the radar.

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So this new top-of-the-range Mac mini could replace the latest Intel models, still without direct competition on the Apple Store. In terms of design, it should have more ports than on the current model, and according to information and images relayed by Prosser a few months ago, the face of the Mac mini could be covered with plexiglass. Another change, the power cable could be magnetic, a bit like what was done a few years ago at Apple on MacBook Air in particular.

However, this information should be taken with great caution. Nothing since spring has confirmed Prosser’s announcements, and if Gurman is right, the launch of this Mac mini should take place in the next few months, which gives us time to learn more about the Apple product. .

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