The MacBook Air M2 faster than a more expensive Dell XPS (and even under Windows)

Apple M2 2022

On the Max Tech YouTube channel, a new comparison published recently caused a stir. This is a battle of benchmark figures between two flagship machines of the moment. On the one hand, we have the Apple-signed MacBook Air M2. On the other, Dell’s XPS Plus machine.

The first costs 1729 euros and comes with a latest generation Apple silicon chip, 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of disk space. The second costs 1900 € in base price, it includes an Intel i5-1240P chip, 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of disk space. In both cases, these are 13″-inch diagonal laptops. screen.

The much better Apple machine, even on Windows

The YouTube video in question therefore compares the two Windows computers. Microsoft’s software runs natively on the Dell XPS Plus, and via Parallels virtualization software on the MacBook Air. And even by virtualizing the OS, the Apple laptop manages to beat its competitor under Geekbench 5. Here are the single-core and multi-core scores:

  • MacBook Air M2: 1,681 and 7,260 points
  • Dell XPS Plus: 1,182 and 5,476 points

However, these are the scores measured when the two computers were not connected to the mains. Both processors have the ability to limit their clock frequency to avoid consuming too much and overheating. This is notable on the Dell XPS Plus, since once plugged in, the latter obtains the following scores: 1,548 and 8,103 points in single-core and multi-core.

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It still does not manage to beat the computer at the apple in single-core, but exceeds the latter in multi-core. Remember, however, that the MacBook Air M2 runs Windows via already very greedy virtualization software. The comparison is therefore not really fair on paper and under disadvantageous conditions for Apple. That makes the MacBook Air’s scores even more impressive in this case.

We knew that the machine equipped with the latest Apple silicon M2 chip was able to beat many competitors in the same price segment. But seeing it do better than a more expensive computer on its home turf, Windows 11, is still surprising ! There is no doubt that the performance will also be there for the next M2 Max and M2 Pro chips expected for the end of the year on MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches!

PS: the Apple computer has 16 GB of RAM (compared to 8 for the Dell machine), but this does not or almost does not take into account in the calculations of Geekbench 5, which measures the powerful CPU.

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Apple MacBook Air Retina 128 GB

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