the MacBook Air M2 with unlimited battery life

MacBook Air M2

If you have looked at the case of the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros that have arrived since the end of 2021, you are probably aware that these have a MagSafe port for charging. This magnetic solution has also been integrated on the edge of the Macbook Air M2 arrived last June and whose first tests are relatively satisfactory.

In the box of the youngest, Apple provides a power adapter and the cable that goes with it. This one is two meters long, with a color associated with that of the laptop. At the ends, we find on one side the male USB-C plug which is plugged into the power supply unit and on the other a connector MagSafe male to plug into MacBook Air. Do you see it coming?

The MacBook Air becomes its own external battery

A TikTok user therefore had fun connecting the cable to his MacBook Air M2, and only to his one. The USB-C plug therefore joins the universal port while the MagSafe port is magnetized to the wire on the other side. Results : the machine seems to be recharging itselfmoreover the battery icon in the top right of macOS seems to confirm that electricity is indeed flowing.

The diode of the MagSafe cable, too, lights up, as if it were correctly connected to the mains. Similarly, the audible notification that ensures charging is in progress can be heard when plugged in. Apple has not reacted officially and we do not know if the manipulation is risky but it is better to avoid reproducing it, for safety. We know that the guarantee of headed products is questionable.

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Of course, one imagines more than this astonishing assembly does only drain autonomy more and doesn’t “really” charge the Mac.

Other Macs affected?

The trick hasn’t been tested on MacBook Pro, but should therefore also work with the two major models currently on sale. For the 13-inch, however, Apple has kept charging via USB-C and the MagSafe port is therefore not included.

Note also that themenu bar reload icon can also be misleading if you plug in a less powerful Apple charger than expected, such as a 35 watt on the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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