The MacBook Pro M2 is available for purchase starting today

MacBook Pro 13" M2 2022

During the last keynote, for the opening of WWDC, Apple obviously presented new software that will make the year, but also less expected products like the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro M2. Two laptops that feature the latest chip from Apple.

While pre-orders opened a week ago, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is therefore available today on Apple’s official online store. In addition to this digital purchase, it is possible to find the laptop in many physical stores, with, in the first place, the Apple Store.

A MacBook pro at 1500 € minimum

It is also possible to find the MacBook Pro M2 in Fnac, Boulanger or Darty stores and other resellers recognized by Apple. In France, the MBP M2 is available in its entry-level version at €1,599.00. The premium version, which offers 512 GB SSD storage as the only difference (against 256) is available at a price of 1829 €.

If the computer disappointed the testers during the first grips, it which does not benefit from major changes and from a rather poor connection (two USB-C ports and a Jack 3.5 port) it remains a very good door to entry for professionals who have not yet made the switch to products under Apple Silicon.

Strong competition among MacBook Pros

While the first products with M-series chips arrived in November 2020, this new version of the MacBook Pro is already the fourth that Apple has offered since that date. The 13-inch MacBook Pro therefore finds itself in direct competition with the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros released by Apple a few months ago and which are entitled to an M1 max or M1 Pro chip more powerful than the chip. M2.

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It is therefore difficult to find a place in this very competitive market for laptop computers for Apple professionals. Rare difference between the 13-inch version and the two less recent MacBook Pros, the presence of the Touch Bar. Criticized by Apple customers, the latter made an unexpected return to the 13-inch MBP M2, when everyone thought that Apple had definitively buried this project, rejected outright by the public.

MacBook Pro 13″ M2 256 GB at the best price Base price: €1,599

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