The Macs of the next keynote seen in Europe?


Having already spotted what could be the third-generation iPhone SE within the same database, Consumac this time has just revealed the model numbers of future Macs approved by the Eurasian Economic Commission (ECC). The first is the A2681 and it says it’s a laptop, so it might be the entry-level MacBook Pro.

Little additional information has been released, but the other two devices (A2615 and A2686) could be desktop machines. Among those expected shortly, we can mention the new iMac Pro but also a Mac Pro revisited with an in-house processor.

Announcements also this summer

Good to know, however: it is not because Apple products are registered with the ECC that they are close to being marketed. In fact, sometimes you have to wait several months for that to be the case. Thus, if the MacBook Pro actually sees the light of day in a few weeks, it is possible that the others will wait for the Worldwide Developer Conference generally planned for June.

The usual September keynote, where the iPhone 14 should be released, among other things, would also be a good opportunity to challenge the public with new Macs. It is the most popular event at Cupertino, to watch online on its YouTube channel, live or delayed.

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Shortage in Asia

There is a greater chance that, as usual, the next computers from Apple will not be orderable immediately after their official presentation. The manufacturer thus asks to wait from a few days to a few weeks depending on the case. But this deadline is precisely likely to be extended, not to mention possible stock shortages: the subcontractors in charge of the design of silicon chips are still idling.

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