the Magic Mouse also has the right to wireless charging

Magic Mouse 2

While the product hasn’t been in the news of the Apple for months, if not years, its design is starting to get old, and people in Cupertino do not seem concerned about the fate of the brand’s Magic Mouse at the same time. Apple. While the latter is often a top-notch Apple tool in the daily lives of millions of customers.

An engineer came up with a solution to address Apple’s main mouse problem. Indeed, the latter has never taken into account wireless charging as a charging solution, and yet many wireless mice on the market today offer this option. Far behind the competition, Apple had to react a long time ago already, and yet the apple brand has done nothing.

In addition, the mouse’s charging port is located below the mouse, making it impossible to use while charging. A certain handicap for the Apple mouse, which nevertheless has many very interesting features on a daily basis.

The video was shared by DuanRui on Twitter before quickly going viral. With a lot of ingenuity and almost as much DIY around his mouse, this engineer manages to make his mouse compatible with wireless charging.

With the arrival of a new range of iMac for the course of this year 2021, customers of the Apple brand hope that the company will take the opportunity to also review the operation of its mouse. If the latter always gives complete satisfaction to use, it is difficult to imagine it still existing for years without ever coming to offer wireless charging while all the other models of the Apple tend to abandon their cable.

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