The MAYBACH Project is a spectacular design exercise

The MAYBACH Project is a spectacular design exercise

A few hours ago, during an event, Mercedes-Benz paid tribute to Virgil abloh opening the doors of Rubell Museum to display the MAYBACH project to the public.

It is a humble contribution to Virgil’s vast legacy, it is this that we bring you today, an exhibition vehicle Mercedes-maybach It exemplifies the possibilities of future design and is the result of continued cooperation with the learned artist, architect, creative director, fashion designer and philanthropist.

As you can see, it is a different design than anything that has been developed by Mercedes-Benz to date and every element of the MAYBACH Project has been built from scratch.

MAYBACH project

Abloh, in collaboration with Gorden wagener, has interpreted the Mercedes-Maybach luxury identity in a new design language and has pushed the limits of function, style and collaborative creativity.

Lateral MAYBACH project

Inspired by the outdoors and recontextualizing a traditionally urban brand within a distinctly off-road setting, the 2-seater battery-electric off-road coupe combines massive proportions of Great tourism, large off-road wheels and distinctive accessories.

Rear MAYBACH project

According to the brand, Project MAYBACH channels Abloh’s passion to challenge the status quo and rewrite the rulebook of aspirational design. The X-Factor nature of the MAYBACH Project results not only from its impressive size – almost six meters long – and characteristics, but above all from its unique contrasts.

Source | Maybach

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