The Mazda MX-30 e-SKYACTIV R-EV: electric with a rotary engine

The Mazda MX-30 e-SKYACTIV R-EV: electric with a rotary engine

Yesterday, after the international debut of the new Mazda CX-60, the Japanese brand also revealed its imminent plans and launches, as well as the name of the new version of its extended-range electric car, the Mazda MX-30 e-SKYACTIV R-EV.

The launch of the Mazda CX-60 represents a very important step for Mazda towards its goal of completely decarbonizing its range by 2050. In the coming years, it will continue to adopt electrification technologies in a wide range of new products and this summer it will arrive the expected Mazda MX-30 e-SKYACTIV R-EV.

The Mazda MX-30 e-SKYACTIV R-EV will complement your fully electric operation with a rotary motor that will be used to generate electricity and offer unlimited range.

To date, the Mazda MX-30 has been quite a controversial model because its limited autonomy restricts it to urban use and its “high” price makes it far from the economic reality of many homes.

Despite this, the Mazda MX-30 has seemed to us an extraordinary car for its smoothness, its finishes and above all, for its exterior and interior design.


Now that we are in 2022, Mazda is almost ready the “evolution” of the Mazda MX-30 And watch out, because this one is going to fit you and you will like it. As we told you a few years ago, the current Mazda MX-30 was designed to house an internal combustion engine in the front capable of acting as a generator that recharges the battery.

This ICE motor would be a rotary motor and would be in charge of keeping the battery charged so that it, together with the electric motors, would be in charge of making the model move. Although it may seem silly to make an internal combustion engine act as a generator and “pollute” to recharge a battery, the simple fact that it is a rotary engine at about constant revolutions the one in charge of doing this jobmakes emissions drop significantly.

The Mazda MX-30 e-SKYACTIV R-EV: electric with a rotary engine

The good thing about this model is that it will presumably have the zero emission label but we should not be aware of the autonomy and the anxiety to recharge since thanks to the fuel tank and the combination of this with the thermal engine and the battery pack, we will have a Approximate electric range of about 670 km.

Although these details have not been provided by Mazda as such, our sources are very reliable on this.

What is not very clear is the positioning of this new version and what is even less clear is the future of the current 100% electric version and that its low success is due in part to the combination of low autonomy and high cost that offers.

The Mazda MX-30 e-SKYACTIV R-EV: electric with a rotary engine

The extended-range Mazda MX-30 -name that we have put at the moment while waiting for the presentation with the official name- will arrive this summer with these news and many others that we will soon reveal.

In total, Mazda will introduce five new electrified products with its multi-solution architecture over the next three years. Beyond 2025, the brand will launch a new SKYACTIV Scalable EV Architecture – an advanced technology that will allow Mazda to build electric models for all segments using a common platform.

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