The metaverse will propel Apple in 2022, analyst says

casque VR Apple

Several patents filed in recent months have shown us how Apple imagines its own mixed reality headset. As its name suggests, such a device would act as a virtual reality interface but would also be able to broadcast 360-degree images, for a complete immersion experience. And according to most analysts, the article could be marketed by the fourth quarter of 2022.

According to Wolf Ventures, the attraction of investors could then turn massively to this technology, which the Cupertino company is not the only one to develop. Meta, notably through its constructor Oculus, is also imagining a virtual entertainment environment combining games, conversations and other activities.

Duel at the top

As we ourselves mentioned in a previous article, the Palo Alto company could then become Apple’s main competitor. In any case, this is what researcher Gene Munster seriously thinks, whose previous predictions announced that the autonomous car was also at the center of Tim Cook’s concerns. What the interested party has since confirmed in a recent interview with an American television station.

For the analyst, several product releases would illustrate Apple’s ambitions in the metaverse. From connected glasses in particular, lighter and a prototype of which could soon emerge from the ground. Here too, these comments come to support others shared a little earlier and according to which the manufacturer would indeed distinguish this wearable and its helmet, the price of which would be around a thousand euros at least.

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Finally, Munster specifies that Apple is likely to unveil its helmet for the first time on the occasion of the Worldwide Developer Conference. The event, which is held every summer in California (online since the coronavirus pandemic), brings together hundreds of publishers and allows them to take charge of new things before they are available to the general public.

According to the first rumors on this subject, the date chosen by Apple for this convention would be June 6. By then, maybe the return to physical exchanges will have taken place, but nothing is less certain.

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