The most anticipated change of regulations by motorcyclists | Motorcycles

The most anticipated change of regulations by motorcyclists | Motorcycles

The use of intercoms between the occupants of a two-wheeler it was expressly prohibited by the Highway Code. But things have changed after the approval by the Congress of Deputies, on December 3, of the new Traffic Law.

When the text enters into force, within three months, the use of this type of device it will already be legal, as provided in the new provision introduced on motorcyclists: “The use of certified or approved wireless devices for use in the protective helmet of motorcycle and moped drivers, with communication or navigation purposes, as long as it does not affect driving safety. “

With the approval of this regulation, one of the so-called “Loopholes” that existed in this regard and that made it impossible to use any system of this type while riding a motorcycle.

The intercoms they definitely leave the legal limbo in which they were and, as the law says (although somewhat ambiguously), they can be used as long as they do not create a dangerous situation.

Bluetooth operation

The problem is that the General Traffic Regulations expressly prohibit driving using any type of helmets or headphones, although the motorcycle intercoms function like car speakers, allowing you to receive calls through the hands-free system or receive auditory instructions from the browser.

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As usual, technology tends to go ahead of laws and regulations. motorcycle intercoms They are devices that work by bluetooth connection and that have been available on the market for several years, and have been refined over time.

Current intercom models can be adapted to all kinds of motorcycle helmets, either type jet (open), integral (closed) or modular (which can be opened at the front). There are even numerous models that come prepared to receive this technology or that directly already they integrate it from the factory into its internal structure.

Motorcycle intercom: what it is and what it is for

Intercoms are mainly used to be able to talk to the passenger of the motorcycle. But also to talk on the phone, receive messages or instructions from the browser and connect with other motorcyclists that are in the same area for, for example, warn them of any danger.

And there are many models, with a variable price of between 100 and 500 euros, adaptable to almost all helmet models. Of course, with the new regulations and before their acquisition, it will be necessary to make sure that they comply with the homologation required by law.

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