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The most beautiful and simple DIY Christmas wreaths


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Looking for ideas to make Christmas wreaths at home? Here are different styles you can make as a family: gold, red, white Christmas wreaths and more.

Explode your artistic and creative streak. Christmas wreaths are beautiful details that adorn our home and reflect our entire personality. Get inspired with the purpose of choosing the one that will receive you starting the time.

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Fill yourself with light

MATERIALS: Wire, a series of led lights, white from batteries.

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1. Create a wire base that is about 12 inches in diameter; turn it until you get the desired volume. When you get the shape you want, start with the help of cutting pliers.

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2. Wrap your wreath with the Christmas string on so that you distribute the lights around the wire base. You can incorporate as many series you want, but remember not to abuse.

The magic of snow

MATERIALS: Wire, snowy garland, golden pearl garland, miniature polar bears.

Christmas wreath
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1. Create a wire base and wrap with the snowy garland (Tip: there are crowns that are finished and ready to decorate).

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2. Wrap the garland of gold pearls and glue the bears around the inner circumference. Ready to hang!

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Less is more

MATERIALS: Wicker wreath, one meter of rope, natural or artificial twigs of your favorite plants, white spray paint.

Christmas wreath
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1. Paint the crown white. Let it take off and give it a second coat to make it flawless.

2. Begin the decoration by placing the twigs and natural motifs. Fix them with rope.

3. Tie a segment on the opposite side of the crown ornaments. This will help us to fix it if we want to hang it.

4. Add an extra touch by including characters of the time to the branches, like a deer or reindeer.

Seasonal smells

MATERIALS: A crown, 12 pine cones, 8 apples, mistletoe, 4 bundles of cinnamon in slices, 4 ribbons of different colors.

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Christmas wreath
(Photo: Getty)


1. Distribute the flowers and fruits throughout the crown except for the top. (Tip: include all the nature that reminds you of the time).

2. Cut two ribbons the same size and one 12 inches longer and make a jumpsuit; preferably fix it with a piece of ribbon.

3. Leave 8 inches of the last ribbon before starting to roll the crown; When you get to the beginning, leave the same amount of ribbon free and join them to hang the crown.

Red is …

Materials: 2 green garlands, 40 spheres (of different sizes, same color), cardboard circumference 10cm wide and 30 in diameter.

Christmas wreath
(Photo: Getty)


1. Take the crown mold and with the garland turn it over until the mold is finished. Sets very well with silicone. (Tip: you can buy a ready-made garland).

2. Glue the spheres on the cardboard, so that the garland does not stick together and cover the joint. Combine ones that have different sizes, textures and finishes; the idea is that the combination steals the eye.

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…at home

MATERIALS: Green garland wreath, 1.5 meters of pearl garland, 8 bows, miniature Christmas decorations.

Christmas wreath
(Photo: Getty)


1. Begin wrapping the wreath with the pearl garland. Try to keep it as combed as possible while you flip it over. Fix very well on the back with silicone.

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2. Place the bows interspersed with an ornament and repeat until complete.

3. Give it an extra touch with a bell that rings when the door opens and closes.

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Angel dream

MATERIALS: Cardboard circumference 10 cm thick and 30 in diameter, feather bag, 50 cm ribbon.

Christmas wreath
(Photo: Getty)


1. Start gluing the feathers on both sides of the cardboard in one direction; Glue a larger amount in the center to give more volume.

2. Place the ribbon on top and tighten it without crushing the feathers. Finish with a bow. (Hint: create a small version and add chocolates in a box. It will make a great gift).

By: Marissa Espinosa



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