The most beautiful diving spots in Australia

The most beautiful diving spots in Australia

When we think of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is often the first diving spot that comes to mind. And I can hardly blame you, we are still talking about one of the most beautiful maritime sites in the world!

But the underwater life does not stop here, fortunately! Many other dive sites, on the east coast but also on the west coast, are just as worth a visit. But you will quickly see that the problem in Australia is not so much to choose the dive sites, but especially the amount that you want to allocate to this activity because the dives there are very expensive!

During our trip we had the opportunity to discover the Indian Ocean as well as the Pacific Ocean at the following 3 sites, very different but really incredible:

Like me before going to Australia, you may never have heard of the Ningaloo Reef. If so, then you might be surprised to learn that Ningaloo Reef is Australia’s second largest barrier reef ! Yep, Australia has two barrier reefs, one in each ocean.

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And unlike the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Reef is accessible from the beach and has much healthier corals. At the same time it is much less touristy … this perhaps explains that …

All this to tell you that during our 15-day road trip on the west coast of Australia, it was impossible for us to ignore this little gem. Several diving spots are accessible from Exmouth, such as Muiron Island and Navy Pier. Due to its difficult and restricted location (inside a military zone and accessible just at high tide), the marine fauna is protected and therefore abundant. This spot is also regularly considered one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world.

This spot is very popular with everyone because it has everything! From the big shark, to the tiny nudibranch, passing by corals, parrot fish and octopuses among others, you will not know where to look in this very small area!

name : Navy Pier Exmouth
Rate : 170 € for both dives (including entrance fees to the military zone)
Particularity : Accessible at high tide only, very varied flora and fauna
Diving center: Dive in Ningaloo

Julian Rocks – Byron Bay

Of all the dive sites on the east coast, I have set my sights on Julian Rocks mainly because it is abouta protected nature reserve, within several islets. And who says nature reserve, also generally says abundant fauna.

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And I can tell you that I was not disappointed! During these two dives we were able to see magnificent leopard sharks (how graceful they are!), Sleeper sharks, rays of all kinds, turtles, starfish and superb colored corals! The perfect dive!

name : Julian Rocks
Rate : 184 € for two dives
Particularity : Very varied flora and fauna, leopard sharks
Diving center: Sundive

Wolf Rock – Rainbow Beach

After spending nearly 10 days in the australia east coast national parks, and knowing that we would not be going to see the Great Barrier Reef, I really wanted to dive to discover the underwater fauna

When I discovered the possibilities on the Rainbow Beach side, I didn’t hesitate for long! If some people like to discover corals, my thing is the big underwater animals. So when I hear that he is possible to swim among bull sharks, I do not resist!

This dive in Australia remains among the most incredible that I have been able to do. We left on a boat and a swell was not possible. In the water, we had to hold on to a cable so as not to be carried away by the super powerful current. But what an incredible moment in front of these sea monsters!

In my opinion, if you only have one dive to do in Australia, I really recommend this one! It’s not every day that you will see bull sharks! (and in addition it is one of the cheapest sites …)

name : Julian Rocks
Rate : 135 € for two dives
Particularity : Bull sharks
Diving center: PADI Wolf Rock Center
Diving australia wolf rock sharks bulls

Do you know these diving spots in Australia? Do you have others to recommend?

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