The most beautiful walks in the Jura in the fall

The most beautiful walks in the Jura in the fall

If one day I had been told that every year I would wait impatiently for the arrival of autumn, I would have laughed in your face! And then, while I had been completely charmed by the Jura in summer, I discovered that these landscapes that I love so much are incredibly sublimated by autumn. Since I have lived in this region, not a year has gone by without my being captivated by this incredible palette of colors that will make our Quebec friends shudder with jealousy. In the fall, the Jura is adorned with its most beautiful shimmering colors, thus offering an incredible visual experience to visitors passing through this region..

Through this article I invite you to follow me along this photographic itinerary on the most beautiful sites of the Jura to be discovered in the fall.

Around Saint-Claude

In the south of the Jura, the town of Saint-Claude renowned for its craftsmanship and its wooden pipes is a very good starting point for discovering the most majestic sites in the region, in particular the canyons providing access to superb waterfalls. in a wild setting. While in summer, it has become difficult to contemplate the waterfalls because of the dry streams, in the fall, they spring from both sides of the high cliffs that surround the town of Saint-Claude.

Among the most beautiful sites around Saint-Claude, impossible not to mention the Flumen gorges and the ponytail waterfall. These two canyons allow you to reach rocky cirques where, at their end, powerful waterfalls spring up in the middle of lush and shimmering vegetation in this season.

gorges flumen jura autumn
gorges flumen jura autumn

Many hiking trails run through the surrounding forests, providing access to many belvederes and viewpoints on the picturesque sites of the region. The white rock lookout offers an incredible panorama on the valley of Saint-Claude, the cliffs of the Jura as well as the laces of Septmoncel. By being careful, you can even distinguish some waterfalls in the middle of the vegetation.

throat flumen jura autumn

The Lake District

This region, already superb in summer when the sun’s rays reveal the different bluish hues of the lakes, is magnified in the fall when the colorful mix of hardwoods and spruces offers a real fireworks display under our feet.

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Here again, there are many hiking trails to take advantage of the bucolic charm of golden forests. But my favorite place is the view from eagle’s peak which overlooks the 4 lakes. Not an autumn goes by without me coming to revel in this multicolored decor. Impossible to tire of this picture so perfect.

swore eagle peak

Not far from there, do not fail to go and see the hedgehog waterfalls, a series of 7 waterfalls, the 2 most impressive of which are located at each end of the trail.


Less known but just as pretty, the belvedere on Bellefontaine lake and its peatlands are worth the trip. I discovered this hidden beauty of the Jura this fall and unlike the peak of the eagle, very touristy in all seasons (and we understand why), here calm reigns supreme. A very nice discovery that I recommend if you want to stay face to face with autumn 🙂



The village of Baume-les-Messieurs, labeled Most Beautiful Village in France, is certainly one of the most visited villages in the Jura. Indeed, between its impressive geographical location in the middle of a remote area, the charm of its alleys, its imperial abbey and its sublime waterfall, this is the real postcard of the Jura.

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So, imagine the visual slap when autumn passes by!


Before reaching the village, several belvederes located on the heights of the remote will allow you to appreciate the incredible setting around this village.

Finally, even if the village is very charming, in the fall it is especially its waterfall that deserves the detour. At the bottom of the circus, this fan-shaped waterfall is remarkable not so much for its height as for the impressive 15m tuff massif on which it flows.

balms the gentlemen-autumn

The vineyards of Château-Chalon and Arbois

I cannot decently speak of the beauty of the Jura in autumn without evoking the vineyards which stretch as far as the eye can see between the charming villages of Château-Chalon, where yellow wine is produced, and Arbois, the cradle of…. the arbois!

What a pleasure to take these narrow and winding roads in the middle of vines bursting with color!


But the best view to enjoy all that autumn has to offer is undoubtedly from the heights of the hilltop village of Château-Chalon. In this village, also labeled Plus Beau Village de France, there is no shortage of lookouts to go into ecstasies again and again on the flamboyant vineyards nestled in the heart of remote Jura.

jura-chateau-chalon- autumn


If you continue to Arbois, I advise you to move away in the direction of the village Les Planches Près Arbois. Since Châtelaine belvedere, you will be able to enjoy an incomparable view on the remote Arbois and the village in the background.


But above all, if you go down to the village, you will be able to discover one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Jura! This waterfall nestled in a grandiose setting and so popular in summer (access to which is now highly regulated) is sublimated by the scorched foliage of autumn. More than the waterfall, the entire trail along the creek is an ode to fall.

A magical place, where the golden reflections of the foliage mingle with the turquoise water of the crystalline pools.


Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to (re) discover all the beauties of the Jura in the fall, but many other sites are worth a visit this season!

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Like everywhere else, autumn in the Jura is as beautiful as it is ephemeral. And because it’s so frustrating to arrive after the battle falling leaves, I advise you to come to the Jura during the second half of October, to enjoy this explosion of colors.

If you are looking for other magnificent places to visit in Franche-Comté in the fall, I advise you to read my article on La Vallée de la Loue in the Doubs.

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