The new 16 ” MacBook Pro lets itself be taken apart and reveals its innards

MacBook Pro 2021

Explore the inside of the MacBook Pro

Disassembling this new MacBook Pro is easier than before because the batteries are no longer stuck. Rather, they are fixed by tabs that allow you to easily extract them from the chassis and replace them if necessary. But beware, the repairs will not be so easy because the speakers are located next to the batteries. In addition, the tabs are only accessible if you remove the touchpad first.

Perfect symmetry

The first thing you will notice as soon as you open the laptop’s back cover is likely to be the arrangement of its interior components. Two large fans are located on either side of the chassis. They are larger than the fans of the previous models. As the case is thicker, there is more room for the speaker. The 16 ” MacBook Pro has a 99.6 Wh battery. It is smaller than that of the previous models but it remains nonetheless efficient. The introduction of M1 Pro and M1 Max chips has also significantly improved its performance.

The three USB Type-C ports, MagSafe port, and headphone inputs are modular. On the other hand, the HDMI port and the input of the SD card are fixed on the motherboard. Finally, memory and storage are integrated so they cannot be replaced.

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Is the new MacBook Pro easy to repair?

Here are some challenges you must face if you ever plan to repair your 16 ” MacBook Pro. To open it you will need the pentalobe screws. In addition, the back cover is not easy to remove. Finally, it is not easy to repair certain components such as the fingerprint reader which may lose their functionality when replaced.

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