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With iOS 15, Apple offers a whole bunch of features to better protect your privacy. Among them is the possibility of block cross-app tracking. A solution that is obviously not to everyone’s taste, starting with Facebook, which is losing billions. For users, on the other hand, the advantage is certain so that Apple has chosen to highlight it during a new marketing campaign just published on its official YouTube channel.

In this original staging, we find a young woman, Ellie, digging at her record store, when she suddenly sees a strange sign. This one indicates that behind a door hides an auction of… his personal data. Our protagonist then approaches and discovers that his information is indeed offered to the highest bidder, before finally using blocking from the Settings to end the scene.

Your protected conversations

The video notably discusses the case of e-mails, which are actually quite easy to secure from a dedicated setting in the iPhone. This can be found from the following path: Settings > Mail > Privacy Protection > Protect your activity in Mail.

Note that still in the context of your exchanges with those around you, Apple also protects your entire list of contacts and text messages sent from Messages. The platform is also encrypted from end to end, in order to counter any hacking.

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Very valuable habits

Beyond these data, Apple’s advertising also reminds us that all your shopping can be tracked by some developers if you don’t limit the possibility to them. Here, Cupertino is talking about drugs, but other equally sensitive issues such as politically committed transactions should not be ignored either.

Finally, be aware that publishers can also know your position GPS in real time if you give them the right to do so: a key clue that a local store can then use to better target you on social networks. And you, do you also disable cross-application tracking?

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