The new iPad Pro could be released in March

iPad Pro 4

We no longer present him. Jon Prosser regularly predicts Apple news. If he sometimes makes mistakes, his information is often taken seriously and never very far from reality.

A forecast that joins other estimates

While a user by the name of Jacopo Reale apostrophed him on Twitter asking him: ” Please Jon Prosser, can you tell us about the next iPad Pro? The latter cracked a cryptic response: ” March. As he does not give additional details, it is not known if this is the month of the announcement of the new tablet or its release.

This forecast is not, however, fanciful and is consistent with the information given in a recent report by Digitimes. Analysts then said the new iPad Pro could be launched in the first quarter of 2021.

Among the rumors accompanying the arrival of this new device, we are already talking about the idea of ​​including M series chips on these new iPad Pro. The tablets would thus approach the performance of MacBooks by abandoning the A chip of the iPhone. For now, all this is still hypothetical but things seem to be clear on the side of the Cupertino company.

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9 “128 GB

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